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Easy Camping in Korea for Non-Campers

[2020 Update: Due to coronavirus precautions, camps mentioned in this post might have imposed some reservation restrictions, so double-check that you can successfully reserve on your desired date. Also, due to coronavirus, the utensils and bedding supplies offered for full-option camping are currently not available. That said, since the social distancing level was lowered to 1 as of Oct. 10, 2020, the above policies may have been modified. Email the Korea National Park Service at for specifics!]

Hey, ladies! Long time no talk! If you followed my blog earlier this year, you might be wondering: “Where has she been?” What had happened was …

I got a new job and moved!

Back in February, I snagged a long-dreamed-of job as a university professor, and I relocated from Paju, north of Seoul, to central Korea. [2020 Update: I’ve actually switched jobs a couple times, got married and now live in Seoul — more on that in another post, ‘kay?]

So that’s where I’ve been — now let’s gab about the topic you came here for: easy camping in Korea!

Have you ever wanted to take in Korea’s amazing mountain scenery from the very heart of the hills? Do you see friends’ camping and glamping Instas and feel a grip of FOMO? Do youuuu want to try camping in Korea yourself?

But are you also lazy AF and/or don’t own any actual camping equipment because that’s not how your life is set up? I’m here to help you, friend!

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5 Fun Things To Do in This Bitter Korean Winter

Hello again, dear readers! I’m back with some tips and tricks to liven up your (probably already pretty lively) Korea life. This time, I’d like to tackle something we’re surely all dealing with to some extent this month — THE COLD.

5 Ways To Enjoy Life During This Bitter Korean Winter |

Y’all. I opened with “y’all” to remind you my butt is from the Southern United States, but, Y’ALL — it is cold in these damn streets! I’ve been here since August 2016, and if you recall last winter, it was not as cold as all this mess we’re dealing with. I mean, in January, I went on a ski trip, and it was way warmer than this very day. I’m looking at a 10-day forecast right now that includes a day of 17F/-9C for the high. The high!! What is life right now, people, and when did Korea fall into the Arctic circle?!

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How To Staycation in Seoul Like a Boss!

With December almost here, many of us will have some days off scattered through the next few weeks. Squeeee! Between that and the upcoming holidays, the time is ripe to treat yourself especially well. And THAT (to me) means planning an epic staycation, and I recently had a helluva staycation in Seoul.

The staycation itinerary I’m about to share is one I enjoyed over the long Chuseok break last month, and it includes all of my very favorite things: cool lodging, tasty restaurants, biking through Seoul and happening upon fun places and activities. Best part is, this plan can suit a party of one for some much-needed me time and rejuvenation or be shared with your friends for a staycation partayyyy. Do one activity or do ’em all. Grab some tea, coffee or hot cocoa, and take some notes — here’s how to staycation like a boss!

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5 Ways South Korea Is So Advanced + Convenient … Yet Frustratingly Behind

I adore living in the ROK … so much so that I’ve recently decided to re-up my contract at my English academy and teach here for another year. Yippee and yahoo!! Honestly, I see myself as a long-term dweller, because I like it here so much, and I’ve had a blast. So now that I’ve expressed my love and adoration for SK, I hope you won’t take this double-edged sword of a blog post the wrong way.

But, let’s talk, South Korea. You and me. Step into my office …

For all the ways you as a country are advanced — as well as considered advanced the world over — I’m afraid to say you’re a little behind the curve in ways that make me want to tear out what little hair I have. I mean … sometimes I’m about ready to pluck my leg hairs one by one. Ha!

So I wanted to let it all out — my frustrations on these five aspects in which you, South Korea, are/are seen as ahead of the curve and convenient, but, on the flip side, also woefully behind. Here I go, separating the hype from the reality …

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5 Reasons Travel In Your 40s Is So Rewarding

Let’s face it: Travel is incredible at any age. The wonder, the discovery, the delight at the sights, smells and tastes of a new or well-loved destination can be universal for young and old. But in my humble opinion, your travel experiences can improve with your age as much as you do!

Why Travel in Your 40s Is So Fantastic! |

Armed with a better sense of yourself, your likes and dislikes as well as the general world wisdom that comes with age, you up your chances of always having the best time every time you travel. Here’re five ways travel feels super-rewarding in your 40s! (I’m sure these can also apply to savvy millennials on up, but these are just my takes from my perch in life!)

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Travel Video: A Visit to The Beach in Samcheok, Korea!

I’m so jazzed/scared to present my first travel video here at Fleur De Libre! Last month, I took a group tour to Samcheok, Korea, a city in the easterly province of Gangwon-do. What a blast! I didn’t know how much I’d missed waves, sand and sun, and the East Sea didn’t disappoint. This is the first part of my trip there, chronicling my waterfront exploits; in a future video, I’ll show you the adventure from another part of the trip: exploring one of Korea’s grandest (and coldest!) caves!

For now, enjoy this vid. Boy, it’s crude — I was getting used to fiddling around with features in Windows Movie Maker! But I hope you sit back, vibe to the music and get a smile from my seaside jaunt!

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What to Do In Monterey County, California!

When it comes to travel and the California coast, most thoughts turn to Southern California and the Bay Area, but it’d be a terrific oversight to overlook the treasures of the state’s Central Coast. Monterey County, in particular, holds special appeal for wine lovers, gastronomes and those who gravitate toward wellness travel.

Food, Wine and Relaxation in Monterey, California! |

And with charming restaurants and boutiques in a quaint, walkable downtown and the ocean an easy jaunt up Ocean Avenue, Carmel and Carmel-By-The-Sea have all the elements of a finely curated getaway. Here’s how I made the most out of a recent visit.

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