About Me

Hello and welcome to my story!

Once upon a time — in late 2015, actually — I got an inkling to change my world by moving across it. I’d always wanted to live abroad — to explore the world, to see, taste and experience new things … and to see if I could handle it! After all, as a 40+ year-old woman, I’m pretty set in my ways — moving half across the world would be an adventure in more ways than one!

So after some research, I decided to become a teacher of English to young speakers of other languages, and I chose South Korea as my destination. After months of studying, testing and volunteering, I got my TESOL certification, then I landed a job north of Seoul — my dream was finally coming true!

Now my life is, indeed, an everyday adventure, so I started this, my third blog baby (after The Dallas Diva and Swine & Swill) to chronicle the sights, the tastes, the highs and the lows I’ll be immersed in while I’m here … and everywhere. I hope you’ll join me for the ride as well as gain some insight and inspiration to make your own travel dreams, whatever they may be, come true. It is never too late!