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How To Staycation in Seoul Like a Boss!

With December almost here, many of us will have some days off scattered through the next few weeks. Squeeee! Between that and the upcoming holidays, the time is ripe to treat yourself especially well. And THAT (to me) means planning an epic staycation, and I recently had a helluva staycation in Seoul.

The staycation itinerary I’m about to share is one I enjoyed over the long Chuseok break last month, and it includes all of my very favorite things: cool lodging, tasty restaurants, biking through Seoul and happening upon fun places and activities. Best part is, this plan can suit a party of one for some much-needed me time and rejuvenation or be shared with your friends for a staycation partayyyy. Do one activity or do ’em all. Grab some tea, coffee or hot cocoa, and take some notes — here’s how to staycation like a boss!

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What to Do In Monterey County, California!

When it comes to travel and the California coast, most thoughts turn to Southern California and the Bay Area, but it’d be a terrific oversight to overlook the treasures of the state’s Central Coast. Monterey County, in particular, holds special appeal for wine lovers, gastronomes and those who gravitate toward wellness travel.

Food, Wine and Relaxation in Monterey, California! |

And with charming restaurants and boutiques in a quaint, walkable downtown and the ocean an easy jaunt up Ocean Avenue, Carmel and Carmel-By-The-Sea have all the elements of a finely curated getaway. Here’s how I made the most out of a recent visit.

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7 Reasons South Korea Is My Spirit Country — And Might Be Yours!

So in my last post, I discussed what led me to choose South Korea as my live-abroad destination. Discovering SK was the perfect merging of happenstance and desire … kind of like a love story!

Why South Korea Is My Spirit Country -- And May Be Yours! |

One of the reasons? The food is killer!

Well, now I want to unpack why I think South Korea and I make such an incredible couple. Because, y’all: I am LOVING it here! From the speedy transit service, to the abundant variety of food to the go-go-go lifestyle that suits my Type A personality, SK and I were made for each other. Here are seven reasons, from the trivial to the tasty …

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