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3 Reasons You Need Aquafield Spa In Your Life

I love writing a piece that gives you an inside scoop into something fun I’ve done, so I’m super-loving this moment! This past weekend, I again indulged in an activity (pretty much becoming a hobby at this point) that I want to clue you in on: visiting an upscale jjimjilbang (uniquely Korean-style bath house) that I like to call my Fancy Spa.

“Fancy Spa” is actually called Aquafield, and I discovered it on one of the Facebook groups I’m a member of. There are a couple locations, all located within Starfield malls, which I also call Fancy Mall for its elegance, gorgeous design and clean aesthetic.

Anyhoo, the first Aquafield I visited was wayyyy down the Gyeongui-Jungang line — a direct, no-transfer-needed route from my home — in Hanam. Downside was, it took a 2.5-hour trek to get there. Upside was: Fancy Spa is AHHHMAZING!! I became instantly obsessed and enamored.

So imagine my delight when a new Starfield Mall opened this August in northern Gyeonggi-do, only an hour from my home. The heavens surely shined down some blessings on me. I was delighted!

I paid a visit on Sunday, ready for a day of deeeep rest and relaxation; meditation even. And I got it. But what makes Fancy Spa so great? Why, I’m glad you asked …

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Adopt My New Obsession: Biking Along Seoul’s Han River

You ever have those days where you really need to do one huge task, but it’s so huge, that to feel a sense of accomplishment you do a similar, smaller task? This, readers, is one of those days. Soon, very soon, I’m going to regale you with a looong post on how to have an epic Seoul staycation as I did during Chuseok, but I really wanted to publish something this week, so I’m going with this shorter, though just as joyfully meaningful and informative story as the staycation post.

Easy Bike Rides on the Han River in Seoul |

Indulge me as I tell you all about my new source of bliss when I’m in Seoul: renting a city bike and riding it along the Han River’s amazing paved paths. Read on …

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5 Ways South Korea Is So Advanced + Convenient … Yet Frustratingly Behind

I adore living in the ROK … so much so that I’ve recently decided to re-up my contract at my English academy and teach here for another year. Yippee and yahoo!! Honestly, I see myself as a long-term dweller, because I like it here so much, and I’ve had a blast. So now that I’ve expressed my love and adoration for SK, I hope you won’t take this double-edged sword of a blog post the wrong way.

But, let’s talk, South Korea. You and me. Step into my office …

For all the ways you as a country are advanced — as well as considered advanced the world over — I’m afraid to say you’re a little behind the curve in ways that make me want to tear out what little hair I have. I mean … sometimes I’m about ready to pluck my leg hairs one by one. Ha!

So I wanted to let it all out — my frustrations on these five aspects in which you, South Korea, are/are seen as ahead of the curve and convenient, but, on the flip side, also woefully behind. Here I go, separating the hype from the reality …

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How I Lost 40 Pounds in Korea … and Stay Healthy

Greetings, fam! As I’ve written before, part of why I moved to the ROK was to see if I could succeed after uprooting and hurling myself half across the planet in my 40s. I expected and was totally open to some big, ol’ positive changes in my life — I mean, who wouldn’t?

How I Lost 40 Pounds in Korea! |

That said, probably my biggest transformation while living in South Korea has been losing loads of weight: Since landing here in August 2016, I’ve lost 40 pounds or 18 kg. Can I just say …

Amaziiiing! It feels incredible …

Friends, coworkers and family alike have been astounded by my weight loss, but, between you and me, I had a feeling I’d drop some lbs just from the diet change I’d encounter here. Buuuuut, I’m still amazed at how easily the inches fell off … and keep falling off. But enough toasting to myself — I want to share what’s worked for me. Check out my before and after photo, too!

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