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2 Real Helps For 2 (Random) Obstacles in Korea

Ohhh, readers! I’m so sad to have been away from this blog — and youuu — for so damn long! There’s a reason, and I’ll get into it in another post soon (hint: I relocated within Korea!), but I really wanted to share something with you before I look up one day and realize, damn, this year is half over, and I haven’t blogged!

Trust, this something that I’m sharing isn’t the most valuable thing I’ve ever unleashed here, buuuut, I know it’ll be a help to a lot of you nonetheless, and it was a great, quick-and-dirty way to bang out an easy post! Killin’ a couple birds with one stone, y’all.

Anyway, the two random problems this story is addressing — they’re hella unrelated — involve food delivery and noraebang/karaoke-ing, easily two of my favorite things here. Read on!

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5 Fun Things To Do in This Bitter Korean Winter

Hello again, dear readers! I’m back with some tips and tricks to liven up your (probably already pretty lively) Korea life. This time, I’d like to tackle something we’re surely all dealing with to some extent this month — THE COLD.

5 Ways To Enjoy Life During This Bitter Korean Winter |

Y’all. I opened with “y’all” to remind you my butt is from the Southern United States, but, Y’ALL — it is cold in these damn streets! I’ve been here since August 2016, and if you recall last winter, it was not as cold as all this mess we’re dealing with. I mean, in January, I went on a ski trip, and it was way warmer than this very day. I’m looking at a 10-day forecast right now that includes a day of 17F/-9C for the high. The high!! What is life right now, people, and when did Korea fall into the Arctic circle?!

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3 Reasons You Need Aquafield Spa In Your Life

I love writing a piece that gives you an inside scoop into something fun I’ve done, so I’m super-loving this moment! This past weekend, I again indulged in an activity (pretty much becoming a hobby at this point) that I want to clue you in on: visiting an upscale jjimjilbang (uniquely Korean-style bath house) that I like to call my Fancy Spa.

“Fancy Spa” is actually called Aquafield, and I discovered it on one of the Facebook groups I’m a member of. There are a couple locations, all located within Starfield malls, which I also call Fancy Mall for its elegance, gorgeous design and clean aesthetic.

Anyhoo, the first Aquafield I visited was wayyyy down the Gyeongui-Jungang line — a direct, no-transfer-needed route from my home — in Hanam. Downside was, it took a 2.5-hour trek to get there. Upside was: Fancy Spa is AHHHMAZING!! I became instantly obsessed and enamored.

So imagine my delight when a new Starfield Mall opened this August in northern Gyeonggi-do, only an hour from my home. The heavens surely shined down some blessings on me. I was delighted!

I paid a visit on Sunday, ready for a day of deeeep rest and relaxation; meditation even. And I got it. But what makes Fancy Spa so great? Why, I’m glad you asked …

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5 Reasons Travel In Your 40s Is So Rewarding

Let’s face it: Travel is incredible at any age. The wonder, the discovery, the delight at the sights, smells and tastes of a new or well-loved destination can be universal for young and old. But in my humble opinion, your travel experiences can improve with your age as much as you do!

Why Travel in Your 40s Is So Fantastic! |

Armed with a better sense of yourself, your likes and dislikes as well as the general world wisdom that comes with age, you up your chances of always having the best time every time you travel. Here’re five ways travel feels super-rewarding in your 40s! (I’m sure these can also apply to savvy millennials on up, but these are just my takes from my perch in life!)

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How I Lost 40 Pounds in Korea … and Stay Healthy

Greetings, fam! As I’ve written before, part of why I moved to the ROK was to see if I could succeed after uprooting and hurling myself half across the planet in my 40s. I expected and was totally open to some big, ol’ positive changes in my life — I mean, who wouldn’t?

How I Lost 40 Pounds in Korea! |

That said, probably my biggest transformation while living in South Korea has been losing loads of weight: Since landing here in August 2016, I’ve lost 40 pounds or 18 kg. Can I just say …

Amaziiiing! It feels incredible …

Friends, coworkers and family alike have been astounded by my weight loss, but, between you and me, I had a feeling I’d drop some lbs just from the diet change I’d encounter here. Buuuuut, I’m still amazed at how easily the inches fell off … and keep falling off. But enough toasting to myself — I want to share what’s worked for me. Check out my before and after photo, too!

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How To Minimize Culture Shock When Moving Abroad

As you might imagine, relocating to the other side of the planet can be an eye-opening shock to your system in so many ways — welcome and not-so-welcome.

Learn some hot tips for minimizing culture shock as you prepare to move abroad! |

But somehow I’ve managed to largely avoid culture shock in moving to South Korea (except for being susceptible to respiratory woes on high-pollution days, but that’s another blog post), and I can honestly say that outside of my health challenges, adjusting here has been a big, ol’ breeze. Ready to find out how to do it yourself? I’ve got four hot tips — click on through!

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The 4 Steps I Took To Teach Abroad

4 Steps I Took To Teach in South Korea |

In addition to being asked why I chose South Korea as my live-overseas destinations, another question I’ve fielded very often since announcing my intention to move abroad is, “how did you do it?” There’s seemingly a million steps to uprooting yourself, so I’ll address specifically the steps I took to get to SK. I can’t say if these’ll apply to any other country, so do your due diligence and research wherever it is you’d like to land!

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7 Reasons South Korea Is My Spirit Country — And Might Be Yours!

So in my last post, I discussed what led me to choose South Korea as my live-abroad destination. Discovering SK was the perfect merging of happenstance and desire … kind of like a love story!

Why South Korea Is My Spirit Country -- And May Be Yours! |

One of the reasons? The food is killer!

Well, now I want to unpack why I think South Korea and I make such an incredible couple. Because, y’all: I am LOVING it here! From the speedy transit service, to the abundant variety of food to the go-go-go lifestyle that suits my Type A personality, SK and I were made for each other. Here are seven reasons, from the trivial to the tasty …

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Living Abroad

Why I Chose to Relocate to South Korea

Since I’ve settled into life in East Asia quite nicely, I’d like to write about a question I’ve been asked a lot since before I even moved here: “Why South Korea, Farah?”

Why I Relocated to South Korea! |

Well, as I outlined in my inaugural post, I happened upon teaching English as a foreign language as a fantastic way to make a living while overseas. I just needed to pick a country!

Europe Wasn’t Gonna Work …

Practically from the moment I stepped foot there, I felt drawn to live in Europe. But as anyone who’s simply visited Italy, France or any other EU nations, the cost of being there is decidedly wallet-unfriendly, and the TEFL teacher salaries aren’t much help. In fact, I’d probably be dipping into my savings just to keep my head barely above water! No bueno.

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